LIRR’s Ban On Booze Starts At Midnight


Starting at midnight, commuters using the Long Island Railroad will no longer be allowed to get sauced while traveling from Manhattan to Long Island on early morning weekend trains thanks to the railroad’s attempt to curb “rambunctious behavior.”

LIRR officials say there were six incidents last year where railroad employees were attacked by passengers, which is the most in five years.

The ban would be applied to trains that run between midnight and 5 a.m.
on Friday and Saturday mornings.

The problem with the ban, as we see it, is that there’s no way to control how much commuters drink before they get on a train. In other words, unless the LIRR plans to check the sobriety of every passenger prior to letting them on the train, drunk people will still be using the railroad and the “rambunctious behavior” will continue.