No More (Weekend Late-Night) Boozing on the LIRR


For riders of the Long Island Rail Road who like to obliterate themselves with beer on the train, these are dark days. As of tonight, a weekend alcohol ban goes into effect from the stroke of midnight to 5 a.m.


Passengers can still bring their own booze aboard the train during all other times, like say, Monday morning. Yay! And, passengers who are visibly intoxicated during ban hours can still ride the train. Yay?

For those of us who don’t get to ride the tracks very often, the Wall Street Journal paints a lovely portrait:

A late-night exploration of affected lines last weekend turned up no shortage of open containers–as well as burping, slurred speech, stumbling and, in one case, vomiting. Those holding drinks included celebrating sports fans, revelers ending a night on the town, both amorous and quarrelsome couples and women weeping into cellphones.

Update: Check out James King’s post on Runnin’ Scared for examples of the kind of drunken shenanigans the ban is supposed to curb.