Shocking Homophobic Incident In Michigan! Fight Back!


This just came in from this blog’s own, beloved Gregory Moore:

“Yesterday, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the YWCA of Kalamazoo presented their annual ‘Women of Achievement’ awards to five very deserving, accomplished women, all of whom were presented with a framed proclamation from the State of Michigan, signed by the Governor, three state representatives and one state senator—that is, all the recipients except for one:

Sarah Stangl, the only openly gay awardee, who was being honored for her service as the coordinator of LGBT Services at Western Michigan University.

“I spoke today with someone who was in attendance, who said that the attendees at the awards banquet last night were appalled to learn that two of the representatives and one senator signed all the proclamations…except for Ms. Stangl’s…which they REFUSED to sign!

“She received a proclamation signed only by Republican Governor Rick Snyder and Democrat State Representative Sean McCann. What is more, they are too cowardly to admit the reason why they refused to sign.

“It’s truly shocking in 2012 to be confronted by such blatant bigotry. I’m attaching the letter I sent to each of these wise legislators, along with their email/contact addresses, should you wish to make your feelings known as well. Such hatred and idiocy should not go unchallenged. Please forward this link to anyone you think may be interested in TEACHING these ignorant fools that this bigotry must stop—NOW!”

Here is Gregory’s letter to the offenders:

“I hope you slept very well last night, knowing that you had brought DISGRACE upon yourself, your office and the vast majority of your constituents with your petty, hateful, bigoted and vile decision to withhold your signature to the state’s tribute to Sarah Stangl.

“The number of dropped jaws in the room last night reflected how stupefied people were by your idiotic decision.

“It is almost mind-boggling, in the year 2012, to see such naked hatred and bigotry on the part of a supposedly enlightened individual whom the people of Michigan, in their wisdom, somehow elected.

“This small-minded act of homophobia and hatred on your part will follow you to the next election and now that your clear and shocking bigotry is revealed, will rightly prove to be your downfall. You should be ashamed of yourself. I would think that your way of thinking would be most welcomed….in Alabama, 1955. WAKE UP! You are a disgrace.

“And the blood of gay people who are attacked or murdered by hate-mongers like yourself is on your hands.”

Republican State Representative Margaret O’Brien:

Republican State Representative “Jase” Bolger:

Republican State Senator Tonya Schuitmaker: (link to contact her)

And here’s a brief local news article about the incident.