A Cache of Reefer and a 9 Milli Were Found in Brooklyn Yesterday


On Thursday night, at around 11:45pm, Franze Williams, 32, was non-fatally shot in the stomach at his apartment building on Tapscott Street in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn. He was taken to the nearby Browndale Hospital and treated for his gun wounds.

Soon after, police officials applied for and received a search warrant to inspect the house the following morning. The next day, detectives went to Williams’ apartment to gather some information about the shooting and the suspects involved. Except they found something completely different: 125 pounds of weed, a 9mm pistol and numerous rounds of ammunition.

Not sure if the expression “hit two birds with one stone” is applicable here but we’ll throw it in anyway.

At the time of the search, investigators noticed traces of pot lying around the apartment and soon uncovered a cache hidden in various (but blatantly obvious) spots.

After finding garbage bags with mounds of weed in them, Gothamist points out that the dealers had several “Homer’s All Purpose” buckets lying around filled to the brim with reefer. And these storage bins look more shady than those guys in Washington Square Park who ask you if you want “greens” at two in the afternoon in broad daylight.
The discovery has led authorities to believe that the shooting might have been the result of a drug deal gone wrong and the gunman behind it is still at large. But once the weed and weapons were discovered, the NYPD immediately sought the identities of the other members of the crew who were selling over a hundred pounds worth of pot.
And they were found rather quick: Michelle Maxwell, 44; Melissa Garvey, 25; Mario Anthony, 38; and the man who initiated the bust, Franze Williams, have all been arrested under suspicion of association.
The charges against the four are criminal possession of marijuana and a weapon, dealing and a bong or bowl must’ve been found because the quartet is being slapped on the wrist with a paraphernalia charge as well.
Runnin’ Scared will update as the story progresses. Even though that’s some hard evidence to argue in court.