Year of the Takeout Day 139: Dumpling Cafe


Pan Fried Tiny Buns from Dumpling Cafe (861 Grand Street, Brooklyn, 718-302-8886)

These aren’t just nice buns: They might be some of the best in town.

Here’s why: though they are a lot like most pork buns in many respects, the size and prep method make them uber-fun to eat. They’re basically bite-sized, and pan-frying lends each mouthful a playful popping feel.

Buns aside, we have to share some deets about Dumpling Cafe, which is cached in an unassuming storefront on Grand Street.

The cafe isn’t so much a cafe as it is a small dumpling factory that sells its wonderful wares to Chinese grocery stores throughout New York, so don’t expect seating. Turns out, the place used to be located in Manhattan’s Chinatown, but relocated to Brooklyn a few years back because the rent is cheaper.

However, you can buy hot and fresh or just-frozen selections at the counter for takeout and goddamn they’re good — we also tried the steamed seafood dumplings and spicy Shanghai wontons and were quite pleased. (More on that later, though.)