That “Ring of Fire” Solar Eclipse is Happening Soon, Here Are Live Streams to Watch It


Forget Mother’s Day; or Memorial Day; or Zuckerberg Weekend (what May 18th-20th should be called from now on); or any other important May event. Tonight is the annual solar eclipse and this one, as many astronomists are predicting, could be a rare spectacle to see.

At one point this evening, 80 percent of the Sun will be covered by the black Moon, creating what has been deemed a “ring of fire” because of the image it will provoke. The orb’s trajectory over the Pacific, California and most of the West will guarantee great views for that side of the country.

And for the rest of us East Coasters… well, we might get a peek. But, thanks to our good, trust-worthy friends at Fox News, we have a bunch of live streams so no stargazer is left out of the fun. Here’s a few to check out:

– Those techies at Panasonic somehow installed a camera on top of Mount Fuji in Japan. The view will be so close to the “ring of fire,” you’ll feel the heat emanating off of your computer screen.

– The Hong Kong Observatory and Space Museum are capturing the moment from the Chinese city.

– The Slooh Space Camera will be a collection of shots from Japan, Mexico and everywhere in between. They go on air at 5:30pm EST so get crackin’.

– And, finally, one rogue astronomer named Scotty Degenhart will be watching the solar event live from Area 51. How he got access to that place? No idea.

So tune in after a long weekend of sunshine at the Great GoogaMooga or anywhere else that wasn’t under shade these past two days. If the scientific community is right, this “ring of fire” could be a sight to see.