God Shouldn’t Have Anything To Do With Gay Marriage


And there’s one very good reason for that:

He’s fictional!

People created Him ages ago to give themselves some comfort, someone to pray to, and some hope of a second chance after death.

They called Him different names around the world, and they ascribed different traits to Him, but what unites all the different Gods is that this is a fairy tale character–someone who’s supposed to be sitting around all day deciding which planes to crash, what babies to save, and which rap stars to give Grammys to.

You can believe in Him (or Her) all you want–that’s perfectly allowed in this country, as is not believing in any God at all–but don’t act like you have a direct pipeline to what He/She wants and then use that to bludgeon my chance at equal rights.

That would be like me saying, “Well, I happen to worship Casper the Friendly Ghost, and He says you must wear deviled eggs in your underpants and walk backwards through the bad part of town at least once a week or you shall rot in hell!”

Enjoy your views, people.

They make for a dramatic story.

They’ve even made for some terrific movies. (Loved The Ten Commandments and the guy who played Jesus in King of Kings was really hot.)

But let’s kindly keep our government based on facts–you know, science, history, and stuff like that–as opposed to fiction and superstitions.

Or Casper will punish you!