New Yorkers Think Skinny People Are Happier And More Successful Than Fatsos, Poll Shows


Bad news, fatsos: according to the vast majority of New Yorkers, you are more miserable and less successful than non-fatsos. That’s according to a recently released Marist/NY1 poll, anyway, which shows that more than 70 percent of New Yorkers think fat people are more unhappy and less successful than skinny people.

So, does this mean it’s impossible to be fat and happy? Of course not — it’s just the opinion of the majority of New York’s pretentious population.

According to the poll, only 13 percent of New Yorkers don’t agree that thin people are happier than their full-figured counterparts. Seventy-two percent, however, think thin is in, and skinny folks are happier than fatsos.

When it comes to success, 72 percent of New Yorkers think skinny people are more successful, with only 8-percent of those polled disagreeing with the claim.

“I think the dominant finding in this particular question from New
York State is when you think about people being happy, when you think
about success, people being thin seemed to have a leg up on everybody
else,” Marist Pollster Lee Miringoff says.

When it comes to judging themselves, the poll finds that 68 percent
of New Yorkers would describe themselves as being the right weight for
their height and age. Only 4 percent describe themselves as underweight,
while 29 percent think they’re overweight.

The poll also touched on the issue of fast-food consumption.
According to the poll, only 25 percent of New Yorkers admitted to eating
at a fast-food restaurant at some point in the past week. Sixty percent
claim they haven’t eaten fast food in the past seven days.