‘The Avengers’ Makes Shawarma Sales Skyrocket


When my friend from Los Angeles was visiting the city last week, he made a point to take a picture of the shawarma shop next to my apartment and text the photograph to his buddies back at home. Before The Avengers, he’d never heard of the stuff — and neither did his group of friends back in L.A.

According CNN’s food blog Eatocracy, The Avengers has given shawarma sales a major boost after movie debuted. From CNN: “The cameo has worked its movie magic for the Middle Eastern wrap of spit-roasted meat. Media from Los Angeles to Boston have reported that shawarma sales are ‘skyrocketing.'”

Hollywood shawarma joint Ro-Ro’s Chicken told TMZ that sales have shot up 80 percent since the movie opened.

The CNN piece mentions boosts in sales specifically in Los Angeles, Boston, Colorado, and Florida. No word on whether or not New Yorkers have been fazed by the recent shawarma bump. But judging from the fact that shawarma is a commodity here in the city, we doubt New Yorkers have been lining up by the droves.