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The Exorcist Is Coming To The Stage!


No, not as a musical, thereby depriving us of such surefire show stoppers as “The Devil Made Me Do It,” “Soup For Two,” and “Demon That Got Away”.

It will be a straight play, which seems to be following in the Carrie tradition of making a horror classic more tasteful for the new age.

The Carrie musical was recently revived with way less lunacy and only suggested blood at the prom.

Well, The Exorcist–which will star Brooke Shields as mom and Richard Chamberlain as the older priest–similarly aims for talk over effects.

Says John Pielmeier (Agnes of God), who’s adapting the 1971 William Peter Blatty novel:

“The story of the battle between faith and evil needed no spinning heads or green vomit.

“The horror should unfold instead on a simple set with an incredible cast and the central conflict between doubting Father Karras and the demon should be a series of debates, in which the young girl possessed is the least of the figures present.”

A series of debates with no songs at all?

Well, fortunately John Doyle is directing, which means at least the cast will be holding tubas.