Netas Gangsters “Boobie,” “J-Live,” And “Lae” Charged In 2004 Shotgun Murders


Three members of the Netas, a street gang that’s found its way from the prisons of Puerto Rico to the streets of New York, have been indicted on murder charges in the 2004 shotgun slayings of two rival gangsters.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the three gangsters — Alvaro Cabral, a.k.a. “Boobie,” Luis Benitez, a.k.a. “Lae,” and Jason Cabral, a.k.a. “J-Live” — murdered two members of the Latin Kings, a rival Hispanic street gang, by blowing their heads off with shotguns.

On August 10, 2004, the three gangsters — at the directive of Jason
Cabral, the leader of the gang — devised a plan to rob and kill
17-year-old Anthony Marcano because of his affiliation with the Latin

The three lured Marcano to a house in Brentwood. Once at the house,
Marcano — as well as 17-year-old Fabian Mestres, also a “Pee Wee”
member of the Latin Kings — were bound with duct tape and robbed of
money, jewelery, and drugs.

Following the robbery, Mestres and Marcano were stuffed into the trunk
of a car and taken to another house, where Benitez and Alvaro Cabral
blew the rival gangsters’ heads off with shotguns.

The bodies were found behind a warehouse in Queens the next day.

“The murders of two teenagers are another example of the ruthless and
senseless violence wrought by gangs,” FBI Assistant Director in Charge
Janice Fedarcyk says.

If convicted, the three gangsters could potentially face the death penalty.