The Walking Dead won’t return to TV until the fall, but thankfully for those with a blood-and-guts craving that just won’t quit, they’ll be ambling, slouching, and swaggering their way through Brooklyn this evening. The sixth annual spring edition of the NYC Zombie Crawl returns to Williamsburg, where all the jerky-limbed stumbling, mob mentality, insatiable thirst, and collective decomposition of brain cells make it . . . well, pretty much your average bar crawl. Professional makeup artists will be on hand (starting at 3:30 at the Trash Bar) to help us regular humans fit in with the horde before Bedford Avenue and McCarren Park are quarantined. Later, claw your way into a free show by Nassau Chainsaw DisGraCeLand Demolition Committee, followed by the Zombie Afterparty, where the sexiest reanimated corpses will be crowned. Horror burlesque, live music, comedy, an open bar, and drink specials throughout the night should make for gory good fun.

Sun., May 27, 6 p.m., 2012