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How Would Rosie Have Done In Annie? Here’s Proof!


As I reported here, Rosie O’Donnell tried out for the part of the nasty orphanage lady Miss Hannigan in the upcoming Broadway revival of Annie, but she didn’t get the part.

And so, her rendition of Hannigan’s funny musical diatribe against “Little Girls” and her shady trio about “Easy Street” will be forever relegated to our fertile imaginations.

But wait!

Pieces bar’s Vodka Stinger just alerted me to these videos of Rosie doing just those very songs on a Rosie cruise in 2007!

I guess Rosie already had Annie on the brain.

Things to look out for while you glance at these clips:

*One of the orphans is clearly male.

*Rosie plays the part like a real alcoholic skank, even more so than other actresses have done. She’s very bold.

*As Vodka notes, “Wearing one sock and gardening crocs is a brave choice.”