Under the Toque: David Chang on Rising Prices, Jamie Oliver in Ireland


David Chang sits down with Bloomberg to talk about the rising prices of food and focuses in on pork and beef. [Bloomberg]

Tory Miller of L’Etoile, who won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Midwest, talked to Eater about leaving the haute kitchens of New York for the Midwest. “The celebrity chef thing is strange for me, since all chefs work very hard. I had this sense, taking the subway from my house to these richer neighborhoods to prepare food, that the people that were eating it sort of didn’t care. That’s what made me want to get out,” he says. [Eater]

Jamie Oliver is opening his first restaurant in Ireland with a location of his chain Jamie’s Italian. The restaurant will be in Dublin and won’t open until the fall. [Eater]

In The Atlantic, Sara Jenkins says that restaurants in the United States often leave out two crucial ingredients: integrity and tradition.”American chefs, it seems, too often become enamored with the technique and forget the foundations of tradition, flavor, and sourcing that hold the best recipes together,” she writes. “As a result, we end up mixing together eight or nine different ingredients whose only commonality is the their trendiness.” [The Atlantic]