Westchester Man Passes Out On Sidewalk And Gets Robbed…Repeatedly *VIDEO*


We’ve all been there (at least that’s what we tell ourselves) — you’re drunk, you’re heading home, and an inviting piece of sidewalk lures you in a for a quick roadside nap. In most cases, you wake up, say “how the hell did I get here,” and spend the rest of the day ashamed and trying to forget the whole thing ever happened.

That wasn’t the case for a Westchester County man, though, who ended a night of drinking by crashing on the sidewalk in front of a home in Port Chester. And of the dozens of people who passed him — many of whom simply stepped over his unconscious body — nobody bothered to call an ambulance, or attempt to help him. They did, however, rob him — multiple groups of people walking past the man were caught on surveillance video bending down to steal his stuff. One woman went so far as to steal his belt. Another thief even takes off one of the man’s shoes, presumably looking cash in his socks.