What Constitutes Overacting? Janeane Garofalo Breaks It Down For You!


At last night’s hilarious Assdance awards (for outrageous short films) at Bowery Poetry Club, Janeane Garofalo took the stage to present an honor for Best Overacting By A Female Lead.

She told the crowd:

“Think Elizabeth Berkley.

“Or Jennifer Lopez when she’s trying to laugh like a human would laugh.

Angelina Jolie in her paint-by-numbers portrayal of a crazy person in Girl Interrupted.

Rebecca De Mornay in the short-lived John From Cincinnati.

“Or Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York.

“Yes, that was Daniel Day-Lewis, so he could get away with it. When you’ve had left foot issues in Ireland, you get street cred in Five Points.”

Anyway, the award went to Tanya O’Debra, whom the trophy man started groping, soon following that by planting a messy kiss on Garofalo as host Reverend Jen joked that he was fired.

(More likely, he’d be eligible for an Assdance award.)

To her credit, Garofalo didn’t overact–or overreact–at all, instead dealing a swift, sudden response.

“The joke’s on him,” she deadpanned. “I’ve got herpes.”


“No, wait, it’s in my vagina.”