NYC’s ‘Stealth’ Starbucks Will Serve Beer and Wine


A ‘stealth’ Starbucks is an unbranded Starbucks location devoid of their usual mermaid decal, furnishings and overall look and feel. Grub Street broke the news that Macy’s Square will be getting one called The Herald Square Cafe:

From Grub Street: “Pastries are sourced from local bakeries, not shipped from regional suppliers, and baristas are not required to follow a dress code, apparently. Maybe they’re not even called baristas, we don’t know. That’s not important right now.”

A Starbucks spokesperson told The Huffington Post that The Herald Square Café will be more like a cafe than a coffeeshop, offering wine, champagne and chocolate.

Herald Square Cafe is part of a three-year, $400 million dollar Macy’s makeover. The opening date is TBD.