Smörgås Chef Looking to Buy 150 New Chickens


Morten Sohlberg, the Norwegian chef-owner of Smörgås Chef already sources pasture-raised meat and vegetables from his restaurant group’s 150-acre farm in the Catskills. But lately, he’s found that Blenheim Farm can’t supply enough organic eggs to keep up with demand and wants to increase his chicken population. Sohlberg has partnered with Lucky Ant to crowdsource funds to grow the business.

Sohlberg is currently $13,000 away from buying 150 chickens and new coops. Much like with Kickstarter, there’s a scale of donations and rewards — for $250 you become a “part-owner” of the coop, get your name painted on the side, eat the eggs you helped fund at the restaurant discounted for a year, get a dozen farm eggs every month for a year, and pop in for a free brunch for two with cocktails.