The Not-So-Great GoogaMooga Offering Full Refunds


GoogaMooga was a hot mess. In attempt to alleviate the criticisms directed at them, Superfly’s Jon Mayers tells Time Out New York that they will be offering full refunds for ExtraMooga ticket holders.

“We are offering a 100% refund to anyone who attended ExtraMooga: the full ticket price, credit card fees–everything,” he says. “Our intentions were to do something great. We were definitely ambitious. But we also wanted to do something top notch. We did not deliver on the promise we made for the ExtraMooga, and that’s why we’re going to make it right.”

Complaints stemmed from the fact that there wasn’t enough food to go around and the lines were just too long.

According to the website: “We promised you a terrific Extra Mooga experience this past weekend and we didn’t deliver, particularly in providing an adequate amount of food and beverage on Saturday. We’re very sorry if we disappointed you.”

Ticket holders will be getting a 100% refund of their Extra Mooga ticket price, including handling fees.