Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Lamb Dishes


Will the gloriously squishy sheep testicles at Kavkaz make the cut?

Lamb is the meat of the hour. While many Americans used to eschew the flesh as “too strongly flavored,” most New York diners now proclaim its mildly assertive flavor as “just right.” Of course, when you’re talking about namby-pamby New Zealand lamb versus Halal lamb raised right in Westchester, you might as well be referring to two entirely different animals.

How will Fork in the Road resolves issues like this? Or ethnic presentations vs. haute cuisine, or sausage vs. chop? Please tune in bright and early tomorrow morning to find out. We guarantee you’ll find a few dishes to love and lust after.

Lamb — it’s what real people eat for dinner! (How’s that for a slogan? It’s available, Lamb Board of America.)

Served with pickles and tahini, Karam’s lamb kofte