Come Rain or Shine, A Few Eating Options For Memorial Day Weekend


Hopefully this rainy week will turn into a stunningly sunny weekend. No one wants a washed out Memorial Day weekend, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best as we make our plans. We’re mostly half-glass-full types anyway.

With that in mind, we’ll offer up a few outdoor eats for the coming days, but a few indoor options as well, should Mother Nature not realize it’s a holiday weekend. How dare she!

Rain, Rain Go Away
Though burgers, hot dogs, and other grillable items are the standard Memorial Day fare, we’d opt for the just opened Meatball Shop Williamsburg’s garden for whiling away a few hungry hours. A garden you ask? Well, a tented garden but a garden nonetheless.

Look to the South for another un-traditional option, West Village restaurant Lowcountry, which is serving a special brunch on Monday. There’s Carolina Shrimp and Grits as well as a killer Chicken Biscuit, but if you really need to get your burger fix then the pimento cheese topped Country Burger will do the trick. Plus, since this is a Monday when you don’t need to be in the office, you can opt for a two-hour unlimited drinks package.

Why Hello There Sun
An obvious choice is to choose a cafe (the West Village has loads of ’em) with outdoor seating to while away a few sunny hours. A better choice is to make like you’re in Italy and grab a quick pasta at Pepe Rosso to Go on Thompson Street (the papardelle with spicy sausage is a standout) then tote it to Washington Square Park for al fresco dining. Industry secret: If you order a glass of wine then tell them the order is to go, they’ll decant your glass into a Greek coffee cup for secret vino sipping.

Of course you can get in line at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park for a Danny Meyer burger or hot dog but Alphabet City located Royale’s backyard deck is a more civilized option. Their known for their burgers but the fried chicken sandwich is just as good. It’s topped with jalapenos under a veil of melted cheddar cheese and perfect paired with a beer.