Curtis Stone On His New L.A. Restaurant, Cookbook, and Accessory Line Part 2


Yesterday, we talked with Curtis Stone about his new Bravo show, life as a parent, and what it’s like to film while traveling the world. Today, we move on to find out that this busy guy isn’t content just doing television; he also has a new restaurant and cookbook in the works. Triple threat?

This is your second Bravo show, out of all of your co-workers, who would you want to prepare your meals?
It’s such a tough choice because when we do Top Chef Masters we have, literally, the best chefs in the country coming together to cook for us day after day. It’s just unbelievable food. So in that perspective, I’m pretty happy. Also, Cat Cora is a pretty amazing chef as well. I’d be perfectly happy with her cooking for me.

Do you ever get to spend time in the kitchen anymore?
Absolutely. I’m in there every day. We have a big development test kitchen.

When in New York, where do you go to eat? Any favorites?
Yeah, I guess I’ll tell you where I’ve eaten now. A place in the East Village called Nomad, which was delicious. I ate at the other end of the line, at somewhere really fancy, at Gilt in the Palace Hotel which has fantastic food.

Tell us about your new cooking accessory line.
I’ve developed this line to try to simplify the way people cook in their home. When I cooked as a chef, I was faced with what other people are challenged with every day and the type of food that they have to cook and the type of equipment that they have to work with. So I decided to develop a line that simplifies that process and brings it into the home [as opposed to a professional kitchen]. Each product has a different task to overcome all of the different things that you’re faced with when you cook and hopefully it will give people more confidence in the cooking and happiness around their dinner tables.

If you were stuck in another country, a la Around The World in 80 Dishes, or on a deserted island, which tool would you most want with you
A good knife. There’s nothing better than a sharp knife.

What’s next for Curtis Stone?
Well, look, we’ve got these couple of shows with Bravo and I’m very happy there. I’m in the middle of the concept for the next cookbook that we’re hoping to get started on when I get back to Los Angeles. We’re hoping to open up a restaurant in L.A. as well–we haven’t signed a lease anywhere but we’re getting really close. So there’s all sorts of things that we’re working on.