This Week’s Specials: Lamb Dishes and Shrimp Heads


Robert Sietsema gives the run-down on New York City’s best lamb dishes.

Thinking of going camping over the long weekend? We give you five ideas for outdoor eats: mason jar cocktails, spiced chickpeas, kale chips, picnic apple pies, and Hong Kong-style hot dogs.

A recap of the not-so-great GoogaMooga: “Lines poured into one another and waits topped over an hour. Beer cards were sold and then couldn’t be redeemed. Food and drink ran out. All in all, it was not a good scene.”

Tejal Rao talks about how to get head in a sushi bar: “Cajun cooks know that the shrimp’s head is the best part, oozing the red oil that gives these crustaceans 95 percent of their flavor. And now the Japanese know it, too.”

We share the recipe for Marc Murphy’s pork loin-stuffed suckling pig.

Sietsema shows us five dishes you probably won’t find at your neighborhood Chinese.

We share where you can get fatah in New York City: “Fatah is about the only thing in the cuisine of Yemen that can be called dessert. Or breakfast.”