President Obama Coins New Twit-Term: “Twoosh”


Have you ever really nailed a tweet? After typing your message, you know you used those 140 characters to the best of your ability? Then you just wait for the RTs to start pouring in (if you don’t use Twitter, we apologize in advance for this entire post).

Well, the commander-in-chief has a new term for this split-second feeling of social media euphoria: a “twoosh.” As he explains it, a “twoosh” is a “Twitter swoosh.” Yeah, a “switter” definitely doesn’t sound as pleasing to the ears.

Its equivalency on other sites: a highly like-able status on Facebook; a mayorship on Foursquare; or a Tumblr post about Ryan Gosling.

And, after the first Q&A with a sitting Prez on the tweeter machine this past Thursday in Iowa, the President is claiming he is the “twoosh master” in his most recent video from the West Wing.

Using the trending hashtag #CongressToDoList (the legislative body’s gridlock, in Twitter form!), the President asked citizens to tweet questions, mostly about what Congress can do to advance clean energy innovation.

One fossil fuel enthusiast named @jwarner180 asked Obama why we need to invest in a green future. And, according to the President, a twoosh moment happened in front of our very own eyes:

Now, we do not know what exactly constitutes a “twoosh.” We just know it’s the complete opposite of everything Azaelia Banks tweets. And, for this @jwarner180 fella’, a “twoosh” is easy if you’re linking the procreation of algae to why fossil fuels should exist. Or have ever been to the gas pump in past five months or so (average gas price is floating somewhere around $3.67. Enter public transportation).