Microsoft: Safe Haven for BitTorrent Pirates?


Just a few days ago, reports revealed that Microsoft is the top petitioner to Google for the removal of links to allegedly pirated media. This comes shortly after news broke that Microsoft had censored The Pirate Bay and backed “BitTorrent-poisoning startups.”

Now, however, reports reveal that a fair amount of illegal file sharing is taking place on Microsoft’s campuses.

Here’s what’s going on: has collected and made public info on illegal file sharers worldwide since December 2011. The idea behind the site is to ID the problem with using non-hidden IP addresses — namely, that web activities are not private to prying eyes.

TorrentFreak decided to see whether IP addresses linked to Microsoft were listed on this portal.

Turns out, downloads of pirated films took place on IP addresses linked to the company’s Sammamish, Washington campus — including porn (“Rocco’s Psycho Love”) — as well on other Microsoft properties.