Year of the Takeout Day 146: New Saigon


Peking Sauce With Minced Pork and Noodles from New Saigon (59 First Avenue, 212-598-9898)

In the world of New York takeout Chinese-American food, mash-ups aren’t altogether that new or different–think of the Chinese-Mexican joints scattered throughout the city, for example.

However, what intrigues about New Saigon is that it offers up a variety of true Cantonese and Viet cuisine.

We wanted especially to try these noodles, as the menu listing seemed similar to Ollie’s
and Legend.

Here’s what’s up with this $5.25 portion: The sauce is a blend of minced mushrooms, garlic, water chestnuts, green onion, black beans, and ground pork, served on a hot bed of lo mein noodles. This dish comes with just enough soy gravy to pack a savory punch, but without being a run-of-the-mill, gravy-laden dish. This differs drastically from dan-dan noodles, but its distinctness is rich nevertheless.