Bronx Veterinarian Charged With Dumping Bags Of Dead Animals On A Highway-Related Crimes


Last month, we reported that several bags full of dead animals were found on the side of a Westchester highway. Today, authorities say they’ve arrested the man responsible for the roadside pet cemetery — and it turns out he’s a veterinarian.

Westchester County police have arrested Bronx vet Dr. Andrew Manesis, 66, after Department of Transportation workers found 35 dead animals on the Hutchinson River Parkway in Harrison on April 5.

Westchester County Sheriff’s Office Detective David Whitney tells the Voice that of the remains recovered, eight were dogs, one was a lizard, and the rest were cats.

When police first learned of the dozens of dead animals, Whitney said necropsies performed on many of them revealed that they were euthanized and then frozen.

At the time, Whitney
it appeared that the euthanizations and freezing was done by a veterinarian,
which is commonly the procedure when an animal is put down. The animals
are frozen before they’re picked up by other agencies responsible for
properly disposing of them. However, it costs money for these agencies
to dispose of the animals, so ditching them on the side of a highway is a
way for those in the dead animal biz to save a little cash.

Evidence collected from the animals’ remains allowed authorities to
track down some of their owners, which helped police link the animals to
the Animal Clinic and Surgery of Throggs Neck PC — also known as
Throggs Neck
Animal Hospital — in the Bronx, which is owned by Manesis.

In all, Manesis has been charged with several counts of illegal disposal
of animal remains, scheme to defraud, and two counts of petit larceny.

Calls to Manesis’ office were not immediately returned this afternoon. Check out Manesis’ website here.