Fire Island Update! I Was There!


This past weekend, it seemed like every single person on the island approached me with their own version of what–or who–they think caused last year’s fire at the Pines.

Whatever theory you plug into–and whether or not you’re convinced that the insurance money in escrow will cover the massive reconstruction–be assured that progress is being made.

The Sip N Twirl building is on the road to readiness, and while the Pavilion is still a big sandlot, there are artists’ renderings of what the space will be by next summer.

To me, it looks very Logan’s Run on steroids–and am I the only one who noticed that the wood beams spell out “X” and “Y”?

“But there’s a woman,” a passerby pointed out, noticing a female form in the far right corner of one of the renderings.

Not to worry, homosexuals; it was a drag queen.

And when I rolled my eyes and deadpanned to two young gays, “Big of them to include two blacks in the picture,” they said, “Well, look around.”

In other Fire Island news, the party by the Boatel pool was packed like the old days; the Canteen is open, with $3.50 coffees; and Jim David had a marriage party at his co-op, telling me that, like all comics, he’s been playing the five c’s (colleges, corporates, cruises, clubs, and casinos), plus the sixth c–coming out with a novel.

And the Grove was even more happening–Sybil Bruncheon is doing Saturday “Fun N Gaymes” at the Ice Palace and Sunday brunches at Top of the Bay.

Als spotted all over the place: DJs Lina and Susan Morabito and promoter Daniel Nardicio, readying for his August presentation of Liza Minnelli at the Ice Palace!

The song of the summer?

“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jebsen. It’s inescapable. Must be the bit about the “ripped jeans, skin was showin’.”

On an XY.

By the way, my favorite garden in the Pines is pictured below–it’s an array of doll heads and body parts, planted as if they were hydrangeas.

Jackie Susann would have loved it.