It’s Official: Vandaag Doneski


Today, the paper went up in the window of Vandaag.

As reported in EV Grieve this morning, Vandaag has been effectively shut for the last 10 days or so. Now, brown paper in the window and a plaintive printed sign confirms what was already suspected–the Dutch and Scandinavian restaurant, open only two years, has shuttered.

The sign in the window leaves more questions than it answers.

Vandaag was one of only two Dutch restaurants that have opened in the city in the last decade, and now both are defunct. The other was NL on Sullivan Street. Posing the question: With half the streets in Brooklyn named after the Dutch, why the hell can’t they keep a restaurant open?

In the last few weeks in the life of Vandaag, contradictory signals were sent. The place seemed to have a decent volume of customers. Two weeks ago, with much fanfare, an ambitious new window opened on East 6th Street off the restaurant’s kitchens, selling sausages and some rather distinguished bread to a walk-up customer base.

Yet, as EV Grieve reported, the place has been looking less and less opened during the past two weeks. Fork in the Road and The Village Voice often included the restaurant in East Village Best Of roundups. R.I.P. Vandaag.

Dead plants in the window are never a good sign.