New Jersey Man Stabs Himself — Right Before Throwing Pieces Of His Intestines At Cops


Earlier today, we published some pretty gruesome photos supposedly of the mangled face of the victim of a Miami cannibal. Frankly, we thought the photos were the most grotesque thing we’d encounter today. We were wrong.

Enter Wayne Carter, a New Jersey man who stabbed himself multiple times on Sunday, and then threw chunks of his skin and intestines at police officers who were trying o subdue him.

The Hackensack Police Department’s public information office is closed for the day, and was unable to answer the many (many) questions we have about this story. However, according to NBC’s New York affiliate, police were called to a home in Hackensack where Carter, 43, had barricaded himself in a room and was threatening to harm himself.

After two officers kicked in the door, they saw Carter standing in the corner of the room holding a knife. He then stabbed himself in the abdomen, neck, and legs.

Carter, police say, then took an “aggressive stance” as the officers
tried to enter the room. The cops responded by spraying him with pepper
spray. The pepper spray, however, had no effect — and Carter responded
to the pepper spray by cutting off pieces of his skin and intestines
(which apparently were exposed) and throwing them at the officers.

Considering a knife-wielding man had thrown pieces of his digestive
system at them, the officers retreated and called the Bergen County SWAT
Team, which managed to restrain Carter and take him to a hospital.

No charges have been filed against Carter yet because of the “unusual
nature of the case” (apparently, it’s not everyday a guy throws his own
intestines at cops).

Police suspect drug use or mental illness may have played a role in the bizarre incident (insert “ummm…no shit” here).

We have a call in to the Hackensack Police Department to get more
details (as horrific as they may be). Check back tomorrow for updates.