Scandalous Gossip From Show Biz’s Gay Heyday


I got these tidbits from a Tony nominated actor who knew Scotty Bowers, the pimp/hustler/whatever who serviced the appetites of many a Hollywood icon back in the glory (hole) days:

*Scotty once took his schlong out at a gay party and laid it out on the bar like an aperitif. He also made a big show of stirring drinks with it! (I guess they’d run out of celery.)

*Spencer Tracy used to chew on Scotty’s thing (which, again, was entree-sized, even when soft). Spence didn’t care if it was a straight or gay guy–or even a woman–he just liked to offer some celebrity service, in between railing about Katharine Hepburn.

*Scotty once got a call from producer/manager Charles Lowe asking for the procurer extraordinaire to send over a woman. “And you have to tell me how to fuck her,” Lowe added, “because I’m going to marry Carol Channing.”


Well, I’ve looked through all of Hello, Dolly!‘s song titles to try and come up with a big finish here, and all I managed was this:

After getting schtupped by a gay like that, Carol must have had “Ribbons Down Her Back.”