Voice-Activated Messaging Is A F***Ing Mess!


Being able to dictate your emails and texts sounds like a dream–and it is–but the system does hit an occasional snag that could prove embarrassing.

Longtime cable star Robin Byrd recently sent an email to celeb photographer Patrick McMullan, inviting him to her house for a weekend and concluding, “I’d love to see you, Patrick.”

But the system proved its own fallibility because what it ended up sending was “I’d love to see you, bastard”!

And Robin has a strong “P” and says a mean “ick”!

The two shared a giggle over this bit of technology gone awry–thank God–but one has to pause and wonder:

*Why is the system programmed to print dirty words, especially when you didn’t even say them?

*Imagine texting your boss “Luv u!” and finding out, after you’ve gotten fired, that it ended up saying “Fuck u!”?

*Next time I get a text calling me a bastard, will I respond, “Huh? My name isn’t Patrick!”?