Stomach-To-Ass Fat Injection Earns Queens Spa Owner Presumed 2-Year Prison Sentence


If your plan to achieve Kardashian-booty is to take fat from your stomach and have it injected into your ass, do yourself a favor and have an actual doctor perform the procedure. Or at the very least, don’t let 29-year-old Barbara Nieto do it — she pleaded guilty yesterday to charges that she unlawfully performed liposuction on a woman, which caused the victim to nearly die.

The problem for Nieto — the owner of Perfect Image Stethics at 40-63 Junction Boulevard and Bell Stetika Esthetics and Spa at 93-28A Corona Avenue, both in Queens — is that she has no license to perform appearance enhancment procedures, like liposuction, and she’s apparently not very good at it.

Nieto pleaded guilty to second-degree assault and unauthorized practice of medicine before
Queens Supreme Court Justice Barry Kron, who indicated that he will sentence Nieto to two years in prison and
three years’ post-release supervision. Nieto, who has been free on her
own recognizance since her arrest in April 2010, will also sign a
confession of judgment for $130,000 and will be required to pay an additional
$50,000 in restitution prior to sentencing.

“[Nieto] held out the false promise of being able to provide her
victim with a more attractive appearance. Instead, she nearly caused
the death of the young woman by performing [a] medical procedures for which
she was neither licensed to perform nor capable of performing,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown says. “As a
result of the defendant’s actions, her victim suffered life-threatening
infections and physical impairment. As such, the prison sentence to be
meted out is more than warranted.”

About a week after the botched liposuction procedure, the victim
underwent life-saving surgery (presumably performed by an actual doctor), and
was then hospitalized for five days.

The Queens D.A.’s Office gives the following account of the failed procedure:

According to the criminal charges filed against Nieto, the client went
to Perfect Image Stethics for a consultation and was informed by Nieto
of procedures that she could perform which would remove fat from her
stomach area and then be re-inserted into her buttocks. Nieto told the
client that the procedure would cost $500.

Scheduling an appointment, the client returned to Perfect Image on
the morning of March 20, 2010, and was taken into a room where Nieto
wheeled in a machine that was connected with several hoses. Nieto
injected the woman with a substance that was supposed to help with pain
and then, cutting an opening in her stomach area, used the machine to
suction fat from her stomach area. Nieto then injected the woman in the
buttocks with a supposed pain-relieving substance and then, making two
incisions, reinserted the fat into her buttocks. Once Nieto completed
the medical procedures by stitching up the holes in the woman’s stomach
area and buttocks, Nieto informed the woman that she would need
follow-up massage sessions.

Several days after having the procedure performed, the woman began
to feel severe pain and developed a high fever, which continued for
several days. Finding it difficult to walk, the woman went on March 27,
2010, to Flushing Hospital, where she was diagnosed with bilateral
buttock abscesses and underwent surgery. She remained hospitalized for
five days. According to medical experts, if the woman did not seek
treatment, she would have developed a septic infection which would have
led to death.

But the victim who nearly died isn’t the only person duped by Nieto’s
claims that she was capable of performing procedures she’s not
qualified to perform — Brown says that based on “records recovered during the
execution of a search warrant in this case,
it is estimated that more than 100 people signed forms consenting to
the defendant injecting substances into their buttocks to enhance their

Nieto’s sentencing is scheduled for August 8.