Under the Toque: Andy Ricker on East-West Fusion, Anthony Bourdain Joins CNN


Andy Ricker talks to the Times on how his foreignness helps him learn traditional recipes from Thai chefs: “On one level, that means they may have an easier time with the language — telling the story of their food, or knowing how to make obscure dishes sound sexy in menu descriptions.” [NYTimes]

Serious Eats sits down with chef Harold Dieterle of Kin Shop and Perilla to talk about how he got into cooking: “Even though my reasons for getting into basic food prep was to meet girls, the second I stepped into a cooking class in junior high school I pretty much knew that this was what I was going to be doing.” [Serious Eats]

As we reported before, Anthony Bourdain will be leaving the Travel Channel for CNN. [CNN]

Zagat talked to Tiffani Faison and Hosea Rosenberg on what it would take to get Rosenberg back on Top Chef. [Zagat]

Mario Batali’s partner Joseph Bastianich talks to the New York Observer about his career: “Joseph Bastianich isn’t content being a mere Restaurant Man, as he’d have it. Or even a haute grocer.” [NY Observer]