ABC News Thinks Big Foot May Have Been Spotted In Idaho (Spoiler Alert: Big Foot Isn’t Real)


ABC News got its hands on a juicy story out of Idaho about a possible Big Foot sighting caught on tape. There is one minor problem, though: Big Foot isn’t real. Like, not even a little bit.

The story currently is the second featured story on ABC’s New York affiliate’s “news” website (right after Mike Bloomberg’s proposed ban on Big Gulps, and right before any other news about things that actually exist).

According to the network, “Sasquatch hunters are headed to Idaho after a high school student there released video [of a Sasquatch] he says he shot in the woods.” The only problem with claiming to have video of a Sasquatch roaming the woods is that it could never happen, and that’s because Sasquatches are fictitious.

The network gives a little background on the mythical beast, noting that
“Bigfoot sightings typically happen in the Pacific Northwest, but there

have been other reports of them in this area of Idaho as well.”

Actually, though, Big Foot sightings never happen — again, because Big Foot isn’t real.

TV news stations love these kinds of bogus stories because people tend
to see something like “Sasquatch” in a headline and dive right in (similarly, alternative media websites love these kinds of bogus stories because people tend to see something like “Sasquatch” in the headline and dive right in).

Be sure to tune into ABC News tomorrow, where we’re expecting an
investigative piece on inhumane unicorn ranches and an interview with a
leprechaun who claims Bernie Madoff scammed him out of half of his gold.

Did we mention Big Foot isn’t real?