Obama Finally Loses Support Of A Black Leader Over Gay Marriage, And It’s…Farrakhan!


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been waiting for some fallout — any fallout — with black Americans over President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage. Instead of the promised backlash, we’ve mostly heard the sound of crickets (unless you count the sounds of support from a majority of polled black voters, Will Smith, Colin Powell, 50 Cent, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jay-Z, most of the Congressional Black Caucus, Cory Booker and the nation’s only black governor).

Other than a few Christian ministers, virtually no other black national leaders (cultural, political or business) have come out against Obama’s support for same sex marriage.

But now one famous infamous black leader has, and it’s…Louis Farrakhan!

The Huffington Post reports that the Final Call, the Nation of Islam’s publication, posted video of remarks of Farrakhan’s displeasure with the president’s support of gay rights. In his remarks, he’s holding up the Newsweek “First Gay President” cover.

We doubt President Obama will miss the support of Farrakhan, especially considering his support amongst black voters in general appears unfazed by his gay marriage support.

But it’s interesting that Obama has the support of arguably a far more important black American Muslim on gay rights. Keith Ellison, the sole Muslim member of Congress, has been advocating the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and has been a supporter of the Respect For Marriage Act (which would end DOMA) since before Obama’s announcement. So, speaking in literal terms, there is 100 percent support for same-sex marriage amongst Muslim federal legislators.

Still, despite his forward thinking stance on gay rights for years, Ellison has also been illogically accused of advancing Sharia law through a “homosexual agenda.”