Tequila Cocktail Tutorial: Amateur Hour Is Over


Perhaps you made some killer Jell-O shots in undergrad, but if that’s as good as your bartending game gets, The Cocktail Weenies are eager to teach you more — and they’ll put on a show while they’re at it.

From the basement of Ditmas Park’s Sycamore Bar on Saturday June 9, “Weenies” Mike Mikos and Wil Petre will teach you how to make five tequila cocktails, interspersing the class with bouts of comedic banter. In addition to downing the five drinks you’ll learn how to whip up, you and your fellow cocktail-making cronies will share a party-style punch at the end of the session, and walk stumble away with a book of recipes so you can recreate the tipples at home. Mikos and Petre hope to arm the booze-enthused with craft, confidence, and showmanship — three pillars they employ daily as actors and bartenders.

The two met as NYU freshmen in 2000 and became friends in ’07 through their physical theater troupe, the Witness Relocation Company. Petre started bartending at The Farm on Adderley in ’09 and later helped Mikos get a gig at sister establishment Sycamore. As their skill for working with spirits deepened, so did their affinity for educating and entertaining bar patrons. They eventually dreamed up The Cocktail Weenies, debuting their instructional performance last December with a class dedicated to Prohibition-era Whiskey cocktails. Courses on rum and gin followed, leading up to the June 9 tequila tutorial. A self-professed mixology geek, Mikos helps students nail the recipes; Petre adds the charm, teaching novices how to tend a bar with flair.

Yes, a margarita is on next week’s syllabus, but you can also learn how to make a paloma and blend Añejo tequila with mole bitters for a crowd-pleasing Anticuado. Class starts at 5 p.m. and tickets are $45.

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