Why Does Jon Hamm Stay With His Lady?


You know, Jennifer Westfeldt, the Tony nominated actress/writer/etc. whose Friends with Kids movie Hamm recently appeared in.

Easy: Because they really like each other.

But what I’m actually trying to get at is this:

Seeing how so many Hollywood relationships explode when one member of the couple suddenly makes it way bigger than the other, why have these two–a unit since 1997–not succumbed to that kind of fallout?

I mean, when a longtime partner becomes an “overnight star,” the other partner usually packs up their ego and runs for safety.

After all, Kim Basinger, Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank, Kate Winslet, and so many others seemed to have relationship troubles the second they started getting big-time honors like Oscars.

Oh, wait a minute! Those are all women!

When their ladies strike it bigger than they do, men obviously can’t handle it.

But judging from Westfeldt (and other examples), the reverse doesn’t happen nearly as often.

I’m happy to hear that and I wish them continued success as a duo.

I’m just worried about all the gay male couples in the biz.

Two guys? They’ll have double the chance of a jealousy explosion