5 Sweet Treats for the Diamond Jubilee


The English are getting ready to celebrate 60 years of Queen Elizabeth by dropping £823 million in four days. The Guardian reports that grocery stores will be the big winners, with Pimm’s sales to soar by 260% and English wine (yes) to have its best week ever.

Even if keeping up with the monarchy isn’t your thing, you have to admit that a strawberry-rose crumble sounds pretty delightful. Chef Heston Blumenthal made the dessert (above) with Waitrose, a high-end grocery chain that is selling packaged versions, and the recipe appears online here. It’s a simple strawberry and rose compote with cream and a crumble topping, and ideal for baking in NYC, since we’re also coming into strawberry season. But if you want to get kitschy about next week’s Diamond Jubilee, here are four more ideas:

Jubilee Cakes from Butcher Baker

Jubilee Hat Cookies by Made with Pink

Elderflower and Raspberry Jubilee Trifle by Ren Bohan

Toy Soldier Jubilee Cookies by Liv a Little Bakery

P.S. if you’re a fan of Wallace and Gromit, Nick Park’s lovely, animated series, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a new film out to celebrate the Jubilee as well. Here’s the teaser: