Bierkraft to Brew Their Own Beer


Bierkraft co-owners Daphne Scholz and Ben Granger applied for a brewer’s license on Wednesday night, with plans to launch a small brewery in the front of their Brooklyn store.

Assured that the smell wouldn’t become an issue, Community Board 6 has voted unanimously in favor of the application. Bierkraft will use a stainless steel system of boilers, tanks, and fermenters to produce about 104 barrels a year. Granger, an avid home brewer, already grows hops in Bierkraft’s back yard; other ingredients will be sourced from Brooklyn Homebrew in Gowanus.

Bierkraft already stocks over hundreds of brews and beer-centric products, but we’re looking forward to tasting their own pale ale, IPA, stout, and lager.

Via Patch