Blogroll Gazette: Savor Fusion Food Court, How to Measure Flour


Serious Eats heads down to Flushing and reports on the Savor Fusion Food Court. [Serious Eats]

How to measure flour: “Use a spoon to stir the flour in the container. Drop spoonfuls of flour into a measuring cup until it’s overflowing, then sweep a knife across the rim to make an even surface.” [Saveur]

Don’t throw your potato peels in the garbage. Use them. Gilt Taste gives four tips on how. [Gilt Taste]

The Best Curry Of Your Life: “When you see what goes into it, you won’t be surprised that it’s so flavorful.” [Amateur Gourmet]

How to grow the tastiest tomato: one secret’s in the soil. [The Salt]

Why are Twinkles cheaper than carrots? One reason: spending $1 trillion on the wrong things. [Huffington Post]

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