Col. Douglas A. Macgregor, Vets for Ron Paul Spokesman: Don’t Call Fallen Soldiers ‘Heroes’


Meet Col. Douglas A. Macgregor. He’s the guy who pretty much orchestrated the Battle of 73 Easting during the Gulf War, a decisive 23-minute exchange during which “10 U.S. tanks and 13 Bradley fighting vehicles destroyed nearly 70 Iraqi armored vehicles, with no ‘friendly’ casualties.” He’s basically the brains behind NATO’s intervention in Yugoslavia. And because of his book Breaking the Phalanx, which broke rank by calling for widespread Army reorganization, he was temporarily a go-to man for Donald Rumsfeld, who insisted that top military brass meet with MacGregor to strategize the Iraq War. Some say that Macgregor’s unorthodox approaches to military policies — though successful — might have cost him promotion. He quit the Army in 2004, after being repeatedly denied charge of a combat brigade.

Macgregor, who is highly decorated, now works as a consultant and apparently as a spokesman for Veterans for Ron Paul 2012, a Facebook Group/Super PAC. He also thinks Chris Hayes was right: Macgregor doesn’t want to call fallen soldiers heroes, either.

“Chris Hayes, (not someone whose views normally appeal to me), is right in this instance. We used to refer to those killed in war as, ‘the honored dead.’ Today, everybody who shows up in uniform, living or dead, is a hero. It’s just unnecessary and unhelpful.

Doing your duty does not make you a hero. Doing your duty makes you a competent, professional servant and protector of the United States and its people. For 99 percent of us who serve that is enough. Thanks, Doug”

Macgregor sent this letter to Hayes and some members of his political circle. The letter was also forwarded to the Voice. Macgregor confirmed to a reporter that he authored the note, but did not want to comment on it, saying that he did not want to talk to the “liberal Village Voice.” We called him again, and he said: “I’m really not interested. I appreciate your persistence, but I’m not interested. Thank you.”

The Voice is waiting to hear back from the Ron Paul campaign for comment. Check back for updates.