Hilariously Bitchy Tweets From Female Comics


I’ve scoured the twitter feeds to come up with today’s most tart emissions from funny ladies with a delightful axe to grind:

Kathy Griffin, responding to someone who tweeted, “Get some class. Ur mouth is like a sewer.”:

“Ahhh blow me. Love, KG”

Lisa Lampanelli: “Alternative band Ween calls it quits after 25 years. Weezer automatically inherits 17 new fans.”

Joan Rivers: “Madonna launched her world tour in Tel Aviv and she looks great…for a woman only 10 years younger than the State of Israel.”

Rosie O’Donnell added some much needed sincerity when she tweeted about Les Miserables movie: “I see Oscars all around.”

Yes, she dreamed a dream.

But some levity was restored when Rosie–again, with sincerity–tweeted: “How many of u guys r currently not speaking to a sibling–for how long? Do u remember why?”

And Candace Gringrich Jones–the lesbian sister of you know who–retweeted that, adding ” bwahahaha!”