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Honor Killing Suspect May Be Hiding In New York; Yaser Said Accused Of Murdering Daughters For Becoming “Westernized”


The Egyptian-born suspect in the “honor killings” of his two daughters may be hiding out in the New York City area and posing as a cab driver, according to a private detective investigating the murders.

Yaser Said, who is Muslim, is accused of murdering his two daughters in Texas in 2008 because they were dating non-Muslim American boys. Said — who is a cab driver — currently is on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list after fleeing Texas after posting bail following his arrested for the murders.

Florida-based private detective Bill Warner says he believes Said might be in the Big Apple because there’s a large Egyptian community that he could blend into. Additionally, Said’s brother — who Warner believes is helping bankroll Said’s escape from justice — lives in Westchester County, just north of the city.

On New Year’s Day in 2008, Said is accused of gunning down his two teenage daughters — Amina, 18, and Sarah Said, 17 — after the girls ran away from home out of fear that their father would kill them because they were becoming too westernized. The girls’ American-born mother also fled out of fear Said would kill her.

The girls and their mother, Patricia “Tissie” Owens-Said, went to Kansas to hide out at the home of Owens-Said’s sister. They planned to move to Oklahoma, but Owens-Said convinced the girls to head back to Texas first to put flowers on the grave of their grandmother.

While in Texas, Said convinced the girls to let him pick them up in his taxi so the three could get something to eat. Rather than get food, Said took the two girls to a remote area near Irving and shot them multiple times.

Honor killing isn’t part of mainstream Islam, but is practiced by radical Muslims when they feel a family member has brought “great dishonor” to the family. Click here to read the story of an Iraqi man living in Phoenix, Arizona, who also murdered his daughter because he felt she was becoming “Americanized.”

Warren tells Fox News that he wouldn’t be surprised if Said was in New York driving a cab because “it’s all he knows” and “he could blend in at a metropolis like New

So, if you hop in a cab driven by someone who looks like the guy in the mugshot posted above, call the FBI.

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