Live: Curren$y And Styles P Bring The Jet Life To Webster Hall


Direct Flight Tour: Curren$y w/Styles P, Smoke DZA, Fiend 4 Da Money, Corner Boy P, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy
Webster Hall
Thursday, May 31

Better than: Staying on the ground.

Last night, the New York stop on the Direct Flight Tour—with the Jets Styles P and Curren$y, as well as a ton of their associates—got off to a roaring start, with Cornerboy P paying homage to the city by wearing Knicks regalia and turning in a surprisingly great set. P bought out Fiend 4 Da Money, and they performed their freestyle over Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin'” just as the crowd really started to swell. By the time Fiend was done, running through “Flying Iron” and “Champagne,” the place was packed solid. Toward the end of his set Fiend hopped off stage and rapped directly to the crowd, and that led into the funniest moment of the night—he passing the mic back to the stagehands and walking off instead of getting back on stage for his big finish.

Roddy and Trademark came out as a duo, and much of the crowd rapped along to their solo tracks and collabs. Smoke DZA sauntered onstage shouting his trademark “Riiiiiight” and wearing his trademark Polo gear. Smoke is actually pretty hyper for a stoner; midway though his set he brought out Action Bronson, who lit up a fat spliff, took a few huge hits and tossed it into the crowd before ripping through him and DZA’s “Big, Bad & Dangerous.”

Styles was due out next. But prior to his coming out, someone’s DJ or manager got on the mic and told security to stop kicking people out for smoking weed. Said individual then ordered the entire crowd to boo the bouncer who had thrown out the person who caught Bronson’s spliff, and the crowd was more than happy to oblige.

Styles came out, blunt in hand, and lit it on stage. “Man. fuck security,” he barked. “How you gonna throw people out for smoking at a Styles P and Curren$y show? You don’t touch a man’s joint or blunt. You just don’t. I’ll tell you what… I’m gonna smoke this right on stage and I dare security to come take it from me. I’m telling you now, if security comes up here they’re getting knocked clean out. Get my bail money ready… Let’s go.”

With that he launched into “Locked Up,” which thankfully wasn’t an omen of any kind. The crowd was pretty energetic throughout the night, but it reached it’s apex when Styles went into the middle of the crowd and performed “BMF.” The floor was shaking so bad he was ordered back on stage for fear of it collapsing. He relented and got back up on stage to do the smokers’ anthem “Good Times” and the ambitious “We Gon Make It.”

Ever the humble stoner, Curren$y (whose new album The Stoned Immaculate landed online shortly after the show ended) looked genuinely shocked at the massive crowd when he walked onstage. “What the fuck are ALLLL y’all doing in here?” he asked playfully. He then insisted that Curren$y was too high to get off the tour bus and perform, and that Hologram Spitta was actually onstage, before kicking off his set with “BBS” and “Smoke Break.” and a shoutout to the kid who allegedly got his hand broken by security. “I heard his hand is permanently in the Jet Life sign,” he chuckled. “Jets For Life, bitch. You can’t stop us.”

The night’s opening acts made appearances; Fiend came out to do “Blood, Sweat and Gears,” Styles returned to assist with “Lean,” and Roddy and Trademark come back out to do “Hold On” and “Jets At Your Neck.”

Spitta held it down solo for the remainder of the night, blazing through both old (“Elevator Music”) and new (“Livin”) cuts, sounding genuinely amazed each time the crowd roared its approval and rapped along verbatim. He even rapped a taste of “She Don’t Want A Man” before stopping and insisting he was “just checking.”

Around this point this things got a little fuzzy due to Spitta’s machinegunning through his extensive catalog—not to mention the fact that people all around the venue were lighting up, since the show’s imminent wrap-up meant the threat of being tossed out didn’t matter as much. He wrapped up his set with “Breakfast” acapella, dropped the mic and started tossing t-shirts and Raw Papers into the crowd. When the smoke cleared, the stage was empty.

Critical bias: Spitta was great, but Styles P stole the show.

Overheard: “Wiz Khalifa got his whole swag from Curren$y.”

Random notebook dump: Am I allowed to say Webster Hall sucks as a venue? Because it does. I know it’s a landmark and NYC institution, blah blah blah, but the place is just wack. Two of the four mics sounded distorted, and getting in that place is like visiting somebody in prison—the bouncers are more thorough (or violating) with their search than the TSA. They even confiscated my Smart Water going in. It’s not bomb water, guys. (Shout to Hannibal Burress.)

Set lists:
Styles P
Locked Up
Blow My High
Good Times
We Gon Make It

Smoke Break
Life Instructions
Full Metal
Ways To Kill ‘Em
Blood, Sweat and Gears
King Kong
Hold On
Jets At Your Neck
Elevator Music
Drive Slow
High Tunes
She Don’t Want a Man
Michael Knight
I Go Hard In The Paint