Liza Marrying Tony Danza? Don’t Count On It!


A mock press release was posted claiming that Liza Minnelli is engaged to longtime friend Tony Danza, who lives in the same apartment complex.

They’re gonna ring them bells!

Fortunately for all involved, it reads like a parody, so I think we can all relax and not plan on dodging lampshades any time soon.

Over at, here’s what the kids have been satirically saying about this madness:

“I thought he was gay!”

“As if that would make it less probable rather than more.”

“Does the guy not know that marrying Liza is the same as coming out?”

“I wonder if Danny Pintauro is sitting back somewhere and saying, ‘I just KNEW it’.”


I asked Liza’s publicist, Scott Gorenstein, whether there’s any truth behind all this mockery, and he replied:

“Hi Michael,

Isn’t this weather incredible? I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

See you soon,