The Fastest Bank Robber of All Time: 3 Brooklyn Banks, 30 Minutes Flat


We don’t know if we should “Bravo!” this guy or start locking up our own cash in vaults (the Times described the suspect’s non-violent rampage as a “mini-crime wave.” What a title).

In Midwood yesterday afternoon, NYPD officials say that a bank robber flew through three separate banks on Kings Highway… in a half an hour. And the suspect on the lam had a success rate of 66%.

Now, that is criminal efficiency; just check out this rundown:

2:15pm – Apple Bank, 1321 Kings Highway, Score.

2:30pm – Capital One, 1226 Kings Highway, Fail.

2:40pm – HSBC, 1621 Kings Highway, Score.

Damn. And, what’s even more impressive is that the suspect never used a weapon.

At the two banks that the bank baron did rob (the first and the last), the suspect – described as male, Hispanic, 5’7″ and a red cap rocker – simply slipped the teller a note and was given money. Only the teller at the second bank called his bluff and refused to give him money. The real question now: what did he write?! We can only imagine.

NYPD officials have not yet said how much money this guy got away with or whether he had a weapon on him or not. But, he’s still on the loose and, at the rate to which he robbed those three banks, it’s evident that this guy is fast.