Bloomberg Did Not Particularly Like His Nanny Clothes in Ad


Who knew an overdose on calories could piss so many people off?

After Mayor Bloomberg announced his soda ban this past week, the blogosphere and Tweet-world exploded with arguments over whether or not this was a legal move against obesity. And the tensions were high: fellow Voice writer James King vented his frustration against the “nanny state” move and wrote, “Mike Bloomberg says his Big Gulp ban doesn’t take away the rights of anyone – which is bullshit.”
This bubbly opposition culminated in a full-page ad taken out in yesterday’s New York Times, paid for by The Center for Consumer Freedom, an activist business group that is funded by restaurants, food companies and individual consumers, according to their website. The page depicts Bloomberg as a Photoshop-ed Nanny, in the vein of Mrs. Doubtfire, hovering over New York City with the declaration of “New Yorkers Need a Mayor, Not a Nanny.”
But the Hozziner was more upset about the clothing choice of the ad then its actual political content.

At a press conference this morning, Bloomberg insisted that reporters asked him about the Nanny ad. And he had this to say to Times reporter Kate Taylor:

He has a good point: that picture is going to haunt our dreams for days to come… courtesy of The Center for Consumer Freedom. We all remember the last time a Mayor decided to throw a dress on and Giuliani did it willingly.

It probably would have been a bit more appropriate to answer the questions posed in the ad. Especially these “hard-hitting” and logical questions in its full text:

Bye, Bye, Venti. Nanny Bloomberg has taken his strange obsession with what you eat one step further. He now wants to make it illegal to serve “sugary drinks” bigger than 16 oz. What’s next? Limits on the width of a pizza slice, size of a hamburger or amount of cream cheese on your bagel?”

Are you going to stop me from enjoying my poppy seed bagel, Bloomberg? Who cares about the dress; what about my burger from Shake Shack? And are we all going to be doomed to eating slivers of Sicilian slices for years to come?

The only thing we know for sure is that Bloomberg would never wear a Nanny dress. And that’s simply not the information we’re looking for.