Space Shuttle Enterprise Will Be Sailing Around the City Today



Remember when we told you guys that the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on the Hudson was being blessed with NASA’s non-flight space shuttle, Enterprise? And then remember when fellow Voice-naut Steven Thrasher and photographer C.S. Muncy saw it being flown in over New York?   

Well, since the end of April, the Enterprise has been posted up at JFK Airport, as it was detached safely from its carrier plane and eventually placed on an enormous barge. The barge will take it from the airport to the Intrepid in a path that circulates most of the boroughs for all of our nerdy viewing pleasures.
Well, today happens to be the beginning of its maiden voyage. So go grab your binoculars and get to the shore.

Queens and Brooklyn beach-goers will be the first in luck: this afternoon, the Enterprise will pass the Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge and Coney Island. Then, as it bays south a bit, the barge will pass Staten Island and ride underneath the Verrazano Bridge. And then to Port Elizabeth in Newark Bay, where the space shuttle will hang out for another day for the final preparations and technicalities.

On Tuesday morning, it will depart from Newark and head up on the Hudson River. This is where the big photo-ops will take place; passing through New York Harbor, Enterprise will have the backdrop of the new World Trade Center as well as the Statue of Liberty. We can picture the front cover of the City’s newspapers on Wednesday now…
The barge will gradually float up to Pier 86 on West 46th around noon. Once there, in what could be the coolest part of the entire process, a huge crane will lift the Enterprise off the Pier and up onto the Intrepid’s dock. This will take approximately three hours so prepare to watch heavy machinery for a little bit.
But don’t get too comfortable or excited about the Enterprise. The exhibit doesn’t open until July 19th. Sorry, we had to tell you eventually.