Two Separate Stabbings Deep in the East Village Last Night


We were wondering what all those helicopters, fire trucks and police cars near Avenue D were about last night. Looks like we may have our answer and it doesn’t look pretty.
Early yesterday evening, two different persons were stabbed deep in Alphabet City. Luckily, both encounters were non-fatal.
At 8:30pm, a 50-year-old suspect Cornado Speck was arrested and is being accused of assaulting a man in the East River Park on East 8th Street and the FDR Drive. According to the Times’ Local East Village blog, Speck and the victim got into a heated argument that unfortunately ended in bloodshed.
The second attack came 45 minutes later (9:15pm or so) near the Fine Fare supermarket on East 4th Street and Avenuce C – just a few blocks down from the first stabbing. According to a reader on EV Grieve, seven undercover cops pursued and caught a man in a baseball cap while the victim was taken to Bellevue to be treated for his wounds.

A tipster for EV Grieve posted a few pictures, taken last night as well as this morning, and they show a trail of blood in the back of the supermarket. And the owner of the Fine Fare refused to clean it, citing that it was not his responsible to clean up a crime scene. NYPD officials showed up this morning and gauzed down the site. Here’s one of the shots just as a glimpse of what happened:


The police officials at the incidents have not given any more information as to what caused the other stabbing or the suspect involved’s name.
Regardless, the two stabbings happened early in areas that are normally packed with people, especially on a Saturday evening in the summer. And that is a scary thought.